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Integrative Medicine/Psychiatry

Integrative Medicine/Psychiatry

Where East Meets West

Applied separately, the practices of Eastern and Western medicine can bring powerful relief and healing. When they are thoughtfully and expertly interwoven, the result is an unshakable foundation for a joy-filled life in recovery. Integrative medicine incorporates the best of modern Western scientific knowledge with ancient Eastern healing techniques. By addressing and acknowledging your whole person, integrative medicine identifies and heals the root causes of your symptoms instead of just covering them up. Our conventional and integrative medicine methods jumpstart your body's own healing mechanisms by focusing on less invasive modes of intervention. Combining the newest, most advanced scientific theory; mind-body principles; and healing technologies allow us to craft an effective and wide-ranging arsenal of wellness solutions.

Cause-Based Wellness

We believe it is critical to go beyond just treating your physical symptoms and that healing is best achieved by identifying the underlying causes of your symptoms, problems and behaviors. Rather than merely hiding or suppressing your surface symptoms with a quick remedy, Integrative medicine will identify the symptom, understand its root cause, and help you heal through an integrative recovery plan designed just for you. Integrative medicine views symptoms as warning signs or messages communicated by our bodies to let us know that something needs fixing. When this message is ignored and root causes are not addressed, it will continue to manifest itself, often in new and dangerous ways.

Addressing Dis-ease, Not Disease

We see you as the unique individual you are, not just the product of your disease, trauma, or lifestyle. In contrast, the "disease model" of conventional medicine wants to label patients as addicts, bulimics, alcoholics, or schizophrenics. We consider you to be in a state of dis-ease (not disease), experiencing an imbalance in some aspect of your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing. By managing all of these dis-ease factors and their root causes, and by reprogramming old habits and belief systems, we help you finally find recovery, restore balance, and bring peace back into your life.

Thinking Outside the Box

We believe that the right program for treatment, recovery, prevention and maintenance should not only build upon sound science but also incorporate fresh ideas and promising new paradigms. That's why we use only the most effective evidence-based services available, always strive for growth and innovation, and weave in what we know works without relying on what's "safe." Our personalized programs draw from well-established techniques and therapies that are proven successful, but we also remain open to new scientific discoveries and philosophies. Our focus is always geared towards developing therapies that will be most effective for you as an individual. If science and clinical practice have shown a particular therapy to be effective, with minimal to no negative side effects, it has a place in our toolkit.

Individualized Care

Integrative medicine concentrates on the healing of the entire person: chemically, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your treatment will be based on a proven, integrative approach. When you first meet with us, we will conduct a specialized assessment during which we will spend time listening closely to you and learning of any distresses, concerns, or sensitivities you may have. We know you are unique and have your own life story.

We will then get to work to create the unique evidence-based optimal wellness program that we believe will uniquely address your specific needs and circumstances and help you to heal.