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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Counseling

Constructive mediation with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professional confidential counseling. Qualified and experienced counseling to assist with Disputes and Conflicts, Parenting Coordination, and Family Collaboration.

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Optimal Assessments

Optimal Assessments

Working with an assessment specialist provides our clients with a valuable entryway into our available services. Under the umbrella of The Costello Center, our assessment specialists help us give you the most accurate guidance regarding the best ways in which we can help meet your unique needs.

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Karen Hanlon Grove, CLC, CPC, Paint Your Soul Founder Paint For Your Soul Logo

Paint Your Soul

Karen is a graduate of the Florida Southern College and is certified in Gifted Teaching through the University of South Florida. Karen also specializes in Reading and Language Arts and is certified in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.

Karen is also an Expressive Arts Specialist and founder of Painting Your Soul.

She has also expanded her education and is certified as a life coach and a certified professional coach.

Through her former teaching, Karen has found that art, specifically painting, encouraged self-esteem building, mindful awareness, and emotional healing.

With over ten years of experience in the Pinellas County School System teaching self-contained Gifted children from 2nd through 5th grade and specializing in reading and language arts, Karen is very experienced in working with children with big hearts and prominent personalities.

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BodyWave Learning

BodyWave® Learning

BodyWave® Learning is a proven and effective system to develop attention and coordination, increase focus, improve memory retention, extend social skills, and reduce behavioral issues. BodyWave Learning measures brain activity through patent-pending technology and presents feedback in a video-game format. Since clients control the computer exercises by attention; behaviors like fidgeting, calling out, or distractibility immediately cause the games to stop. Clients observe a direct relationship between attention and behavior to make strides in improving their lives.